Who We Are

The Global Directors and Officers, Governance Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (GD&O ISAO) doing business as "D&O Perspectives" ©,  is privileged to launch the only member-serving organization of its kind. It is founded by Directors & Officers (D&O) specifically for D&O's seeking to fill the knowledge gap that traditional board programs fail to offer, as digital transformation increasingly impacts the boardroom. D&O Perspectives provides a Corporate Privacy Shield© for Global Directors and Officers to openly share real-world challenges and solutions with peers across industries and outside of their respective boardrooms - discretely and confidentially. 

The GD&O ISAO leverages the Cybersecurity Act of 2015, which limits liability in sharing threat information including challenging scenarios that have a material impact in the boardroom. This allows members to test, discuss and discover strategies and tactics with experienced peers outside of their respective boardrooms.

Traditional boardroom committee functions are increasingly impacted by dynamic forces such as privacy law; geo-politics; supply chain risks; the speed of innovation; cybersecurity; climate uncertainty; social media risks; valuation fluctuations; reputation attacks; personal liability; social unrest and other emerging issues that require expeditious but thoughtful boardroom and officer responses. Given the risks associated with these new trends, we believe it is imperative that each member has the opportunity to see, hear and discuss what strategies are working or not working in a discreet environment. Our safe haven meetings protect members through a legal framework of confidentiality supported by U.S. federal law.

The GD&O ISAO is a U.S. based, non-profit organization d.b.a. "D&O Perspectives", that is founded as a Section 501(c)(6) member league, trade association, as defined under the Department of Homeland Security ISAO Standards Organization and the published guidelines “for structuring an ISAO as a tax-exempt entity type under the Internal Revenue Service Code for ISAOs”.